Jan 21, 2024

HB1380 is a game changer for Indiana's special needs students!

             . HB1380 is a game changer for Indiana's special needs students!

Huge news! The passing of HB1380 out of committee is a monumental victory for fairness and transparency in Indiana's special education system. This bill tackles two crucial issues:
1. Shifting the burden of proof: Right now, families have to prove their child's school hasn't met their needs. This is a monumental task, often requiring expensive legal assistance and navigating complex bureaucracies. HB1380 puts the onus on the school to demonstrate they've provided adequate support, leveling the playing field and giving families a fighting chance.
2. Stopping schools from mandating confidentiality agreements: These agreements, often presented as a way to "resolve" issues, can be weaponized by institutions to silence victims and bury misconduct. This is especially concerning for vulnerable students with disabilities, who may be manipulated or lack the full capacity to understand the implications. HB1380 prevents schools from making these agreements a compulsory part of the resolution process, protecting children from potential abuse and neglect and ensuring families have a choice.
But the fight isn't over! We need your help to ensure HB1380 becomes law and protects our most vulnerable children. Here's how you can make a difference:
*Contact your state legislators: Let them know you stand with HB1380 and urge them to vote for it. Find their contact information on the Indiana General Assembly website: https://iga.in.gov/: https://iga.in.gov/
*Spread the word! Share news about HB1380 on social media using #HB1380 and #2024INLegislativeSession. Explain its importance and encourage others to contact their legislators.
*Connect with advocacy groups: Organizations like Decoding Dyslexia-IN, Indiana Disability Rights, and Down Syndrome Indiana have been instrumental in this fight. Learn more about their efforts and see how you can get involved.
*Attend public hearings and rallies: Stay informed about upcoming HB1380 events and show your support in person. Your presence makes a difference!
Remember, your voice matters. By speaking up and getting involved, you can help create a fairer, more transparent, and safer educational system for all Indiana students. Let's work together to make HB1380 law and ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive.
Representative Chris May District 65