Nov 28, 2023

Sensory Santa Brings Joy to Ruffcut Ministries

Ruffcut Ministries was filled with holiday cheer as Santa Claus made a special appearance. The event, known as Sensory Santa, was designed to be a calming and sensory-friendly space for children to experience the holiday season. During the event, children had the chance to spend some quality time with Santa in a relaxed atmosphere, where they could share their Christmas wishes, snap a photo, and participate in fun crafts. Parents were delighted with the event's success, as it provided their children with a rare opportunity to enjoy a sensory-friendly Santa visit. Community Inclusion Ambassadors Inc. is excited to host another Sensory Santa event on December 2nd at Sugar Creek Christian Church in Washington County, Indiana. We are offering several open visit times for families with children who may need a calmer environment. Don't miss out on registering your child today by visiting

Nov 12, 2023

The Magic of Sensory Santa


The Magic of Sensory Santa

In the fall of 2015, a group of families in French Lick, Indiana, gathered to discuss their experiences raising children with disabilities. They shared their stories of trying to have their children meet Santa Claus, and how difficult it could be in a crowded and noisy environment.

One mother, whose son had autism, shared her idea for a local "sensory-friendly" Santa event, where children with sensory sensitivities could meet Santa in a calm and supportive environment. The other families were thrilled with the idea, and the wheels started to turn.

That December, the first Sensory Santa event was held at Moores Ridge Church in French Lick. It was a small event, but it was a huge success. Families from all over the area came to meet Santa in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Over the next few years, the Sensory Santa event grew in popularity. The organizers, a group of dedicated volunteers, started a non-profit organization called Community Inclusion Ambassadors Inc., to support the event and other programs for children with disabilities.

This year, Sensory Santa events will be held at two locations in southern Indiana:

November 25th at Ruff Cut Ministries in Mitchell, Indiana

December 2nd at Sugar Creek Christian Church in Campbellsburg, Indiana

The events are free for all families, and include a variety of sensory-friendly accommodations, such as dimmed lights, soft music, and noise-canceling headphones. Children will also be able to meet Santa and take a free photo with him.

The Sensory Santa event is a special tradition for many families in the area. It is a chance for children with disabilities to experience the magic of Christmas in a way that is safe and comfortable for them.

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