Dec 17, 2022

Who makes the nice list at schools ?

What safeguards was in place to ensure that students with Learning disabilities, Emotional  disabilities or other health impairments were not discriminated against as the  Jr-Sr high school principals used school resources to surprised Jr High students with a field trip to Strike and Spare for the “ Students who attended had to demonstrate good grades (or sincerely working towards proficiency), good behavior, and Senator pride.” 

Attended - Students with anxiety conditions can have school avoidance and develop physical symptoms. ( learn more about anxiety in children at  or School Avoidance  )

Good Grades-  A student with learning disabilities can be putting their full effort into learning but may still struggle with making passing grades.  Students with ADHD can be trying hard  but look to be distracted, off task or ADHD Paralysis (Learn more about ADHD Paralysis at )

Good Behaviors- Students can have Emotional Disabilities. Students with Emotional Disabilities need support’s and services to help them with quality functional behavior assessment (FBA) and  behavior intervention plan (BIP).  there needs to be staff, support staff and parent training to work together in helping the student. 

If you where a student with a disability that impacted your ability to go on trips like this how would you feel?

Dec 10, 2022

Sensory Santa 2022 Visits

Sensory Santa 2022 Visits 

A Special Thank you to Rec2photogtaphey for volunteering to be our photographer for the last 4 years.
Walmart Paoli, Old National Bank, Amazon SDF people with disabilities and give program.  Syria Christian Church, Rivers Edge Fellowship Church, Legacy Church and Community Supporters.  

Free To Be Me Respite  At Syria Christian Church Orleans, Indiana

Rivers Edge Fellowship Church in Bedford Indiana

Legacy Church in Salem, Indiana