Jan 18, 2021

Where to Find Local School Board Minutes?

Local School Board Minutes Matter!!

School board minutes are one area of monitoring for special education programs. The school board minutes can give you insight on what is important to the school board members along with upcoming changes to programs and services.  

Orange County Schools 

Paoli Community Schools

Orleans Community Schools   

3rd Tuesday of each month at the time of 5:00 for Executive Sessions, 5:30 for Board Meeting.

Springs Valley Community Schools

Lawrance County Schools

Mitchell Community Schools  

Regular Session Meetings for the second Monday of each month at 6:00p.m. in the Emerson Administration Office.

North Lawrance Community Schools 


By: Patrick Underwood ( Special Education Advocate)

E-mail: PatrickU@ourcia.org

Phone: (812) 329-0216

Written: 1/18/21