Mar 14, 2023

Parent Concerns at Salem Developmental Preschool Lead to Indiana Department of Education Investigation.

Parent Concerns at Salem Developmental Preschool Lead to  Indiana Department of Education Investigation.  

Today we received the findings report from the Indiana Department of Education office of Special Education. They have found that Salem Community Schools was in violation of 511 IAC 7-36-3 but by the time of the investigation that the school implemented self-corrective measures. 

We do thank the families that came forward to share their concerns in the Salem developmental classroom. As soon as we received these concerns we started our review of facts and found that the concerns was supported. At that time our non-profit filled a report with the Indiana Department of Education requesting that they follow up with their investigation.  (Finding of that investigation are below) 

Community Inclusion Ambassadors has a area Special Education Monitoring Program and families can report concerns to the program at:
Thank you to the families that took the time to notify us of their concerns.
Patrick Underwood 
Board President & Lead Volunteer Special Education Advocate 

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